WhoisFreaks Ascends to Industry-Leading Position, Surpassing 625M+ Tracked Domains in WHOIS Database

WhoisFreaks has achieved the rank of industry leader by achieving 625 million+ domains that are tracked in their extensive WHOIS database.

Lahore, Pakistan, 3rd April 2024, ZEX PR WIREWhoisFreaks, an industry-leading provider of WHOIS domain data, continues to expand and has consolidated its position as a leader in the market by surpassing 625 million+ tracked domains in its massive Domain Whois Database. Experts in brand protection, corporate research, and cybersecurity depend on WhoisFreaks’ incomparable domain data solutions because of its commitment to offering the best insights into domain ownership and registration information.

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WhoisFreaks is dedicated to delivering domain WHOIS data that is both exhaustive and carefully curated since its establishment. WhoisFreaks, boasting an extensive collection of more than 2 billion WHOIS records and historical data spanning 1500+ Top Level Domains (TLDs), provides users with exceptional access to domain ownership information, registration particulars, and other relevant information.

Among the many benefits of WhoisFreaks’ WHOIS database is its unparalleled Historical Coverage, which goes all the way back to 1986 and lets users follow ownership trends and learn about the development of the internet. Granular Search Capabilities enable users to enhance the accuracy of their results by applying filters such as those for country-specific data, top-level domains (TLDs), and registrars. Aside from Regular Updates, which ensure the veracity and dependability of the most recent domain data, the Active, Country-Wise, TLD-Wise, and Registrar-Wise Databases of the domains offer users targeted insights into particular areas of interest.

The WHOIS database provided by WhoisFreaks serves an extensive array of critical purposes, encompassing domain research, marketing, brand safeguarding, domain portfolio administration, and cybersecurity. It empowers users to discern contact information, domain ownership particulars, and historical modifications in order to make well-informed decisions. By analyzing domains within particular industries or regions, organizations can also target prospective clients and leads.

WhoisFreaks, offers a comprehensive suite of APIs designed to empower cybersecurity professionals and business experts. Whois API provides real-time domain insights, including ownership information and contact details. The Historical Whois API unlocks the past by allowing users to explore changes over time in domain registrations. Additionally, the Reverse Whois API enables searches based on keywords, email addresses, or registrant names, with flexible filtration options.

WhoisFreaks, a trailblazer in domain intelligence, offers two pivotal services that empower businesses and individuals in the ever-evolving domain ecosystem. Newly Registered Domains allow users to discover trends by exploring WHOIS records and DNS details of thousands of recently registered domains across a wide range of gTLDs and ccTLDs on a daily basis. Additionally, Dropped Domains services provide real-time WHOIS data for expired domains, aiding informed decisions on acquisitions.

Additionally, WhoisFreaks offers a suite of robust monitoring services designed to empower businesses and individuals in the digital landscape. The Domain Monitoring Service ensures real time alerts for changes to WHOIS record, enhancing domain security and observability. With Brand Monitoring Service, businesses can protect their brand identity by detecting spoofing attempts and preserving online integrity. Additionally, Registrant Monitoring reveals ownership patterns allowing corporates and cybersecurity researchers to uncover hidden relationships and aliases to suspicious domains and legitimate businesses.

About WhoisFreaks

WhoisFreaks is a top provider of domain WHOIS APIs and databases. The organization provides a comprehensive collection of resources and tools that enable both organizations and individuals to harness the potential of WHOIS data. WhoisFreaks is dedicated to delivering the most precise, current, and historical WHOIS information accessible, empowering users to make informed decisions and acquire invaluable knowledge regarding the world of the internet.

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