What you don’t know about Web3

Introduction of Web3, must know facts from SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 17th Oct 2022,  What is Web3? At present, no organization or person in the world can give an accurate definition of web3.0. It is still a concept in the early stages of development, but the content of this concept is not the first time it has appeared. It is the same as the concept web2.0 that began to appear around 2005. At present, no one can accurately say what form it should have. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Let’s review web1.0 and web2.0 again.

Web1.0 is a one-way read-only website, all users can only read the established display content, just like the Internet version of a newspaper, everyone can only browse, not interact. Users do not have their own identity and cannot leave comments for communication and sharing. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Web2.0 is a more democratic and free Internet era. Netizens are no longer viewers and observers, but participants with interactive information. Functions such as likes, comments, and forwarding are well known, and social networks are gradually being established.

So what is the difference between web 3.0 and web 2.0? (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

First of all, web 2.0 is a false premise for identity ownership.

The interaction of all network users in Web2.0 only exists in the user’s current platform framework, and the current user identity is lost if it is out of the framework. For example, you can log in and use the account you registered on a social platform, but the ultimate ownership is in the hands of the platform. In this way, netizens are isolated and have no real control over their accounts. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

And web3.0 is improved and upgraded on this basis. Compared with web2.0, web3 is more fair and democratic, creating a decentralized identity for users and creating a more stable and secure digital identity environment on the chain that pays more attention to privacy. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Many people may question, what is a centralized identity and what is a decentralized identity. The centralized identity is determined by a centralized organization, and users cannot control it themselves, which is the identity system model in the 2.0 period just mentioned. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

 The decentralized identity system is based on the blockchain, which avoids the identity data being controlled by a single centralized authority. At the same time, the identity is controlled by the owner, and individuals can manage their own identity independently.

This means that netizens have ushered in a huge shift in the ownership of their identities.(SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

The first is that the identity is no longer limited to a certain platform, but is portable. This identity can be applied to any other platform and is an interoperable identity. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Secondly, the validity of the identity will not be affected by the suspension of the platform, because the new decentralized identity is generated based on the blockchain. As long as the blockchain exists, the user’s identity will not be invalidated. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Thirdly, since the ownership of the user’s identity is in his own hands, it means that the user’s identity has a real source, is linked to himself, and is linked to his own reputation. Then the likes and comments under this condition are a manifestation of one’s own reputation, and at the same time, they can also play a certain restrictive role in regulating the user’s speech. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

Finally, web3.0 allows users to show their entire self on the Internet. As their identity is linked to themselves, the self shown online will be more real and complete. The same is true for other users, so in such an environment, everyone will be able to find more like-minded friends who appreciate each other and develop more online activities. (SENBTC Automated Trade Marketplace)

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